martedì 18 novembre 2014


Hellooooooo :)))) They are here!!! The NEW HAND PAINTED CHRISTMAS COLLECTION!!!
Please read carefully: I have only one or 2 thread keepers for each model... I'm not stupid... I sold everything during the preview on Facebook...SO:  I accept orders and a first stock of them will be shipped mid december, so you'll get them probably for Christmas. As they had a huge success I can't promise that all of you will get them in time for Christmas, ok? But a larger part yes! Let me thank my new painter Sonia, she is awesome!!!!

Place orders sending an email at:
THANKS so much, luv u all!

Special thanks to my new wonderful painter Sonia!

Place orders sending an email at:
THANKS so much, luv u all!

mercoledì 12 novembre 2014


Witches! Are you ready???? It's wednesday here in Italy aaaaand..... this is the first pattern of our wicked SAL!!!!  I hope you'll love it! I love it so much.... I used my fav colors, black and light brown...

Elisabetta (God bless her) stitched this pattern on 30 ct Old Salem Linen, then I extra aged it. The grunge frame is available on private request, just send me an email:
I can provide the mini rusty safety pin and the rusty bell as well.

november pattern
stitched on Old Salem Linen
with DMC 310 and Gentle Art Maple Syrup

special thanks to Miss Betty

If you wanna join our SAL you can! 
Here you can read the rules and buy 
the subscription for one year:  

WHERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PATTERN: easy: You have to buy the subscription on Etsy, and there, there is an istant download for the instructions file. In the instructions file it is written the link to download the pattern and all the dates of the releases of this SAL. Thanks!

If you have already bought the subscription and you still have to download the instruction file, please visit your Purchases-Reviews page on Etsy and download it. Thanks!

lunedì 10 novembre 2014


Hello sweeties! It's time to present something new... I designed 4 lovely little ornaments, thinking about our beloved SANTA!!!! The first pattern I'd love to introduce is DEAR SANTA... DEFINE GOOD! A lovely postcard for Santa. I finished it in 2 ornaments, but, if you want, you can sew it together and create a complete postcard :)) 

Honestly... who is really enough GOOD ??? Not me, LOL.. but maybe we were a lil bit more sweet when we was lil kids... Anyway, in this cute pattern I gently ask SANTA: please define Good! LOL
I hope you'll love it!

I finished this pattern with some aged cheese cloth, if you need it send me an email: and I'll give you prices and shipping costs. THNAKS



The second pattern includes 2 separated ornaments: WINTER SLEIGH RIDES. Do you hear the jingle bells in the air? Yeassssss, he's here! iIth a huge sleigh full of presents....

As usual, let me thank my lil Miss Betty :)))
and... Santa of course!
hear you soon!!!

martedì 4 novembre 2014


Hello stitchers! I have sooo many new ideas for Christmas... so I must start NOW to present them! Today I wanna show you my first ornament. Every year I present by myself one of the old releases for various magazines... This year it's PEACE ON EARTH. I designed it again using a new thread by Romy's Creations.
In my Etsy shoppe, you can find the pattern and the kit too.... May I say Merry Christmas???


and here you can find the:  KIT: CLIK HERE
This is the kit needed to perfectly stitch my pattern PEACE ON EARTH.
I re designed it with a new thread by Romy's creations, Angelic Gold.

1 lil cut Old Salem Linen 30 ct that fits for the ornament
+ 1 Special hand dyed thread 'Angelic Gold' by Romy Creations
4 rusty bells
1 rusty safety pin

No DMC threads included, no tag included, no pattern included


Aaaaaand every year I create some new thread keepers... this year I have 2, or maybe 3, new entries... This is the first one: a lovely roching Horse released in two colors: white or aged. I have to admit I particularly love the grunged version, so victorian, nostalgic... wonderful :) Probably one of my fav tk. Don't you think that a rocking horse is a wonderful Christmas gift? LOL.
Hope you love them!

giovedì 30 ottobre 2014


Hello sisters! Halloween is here!!! It's MY season! The season of the witch, the season of ancient souls.... and the ancient name of this celebration was SAMHAIN. And this is my freebie, from me to you with magic and love :) HAPPY STITCHING!!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

grunged frame on request,
send orders to :

Grunge frame available on request,
please send orders :

mercoledì 29 ottobre 2014


Hello Sister witchy stitchers, are you busy with Halloween decorations? I AM !!! This is my first Halloween in my new home and I'm soooo happy! I'm in the wood, so it's impossible for kids to arrive here for trick or treating... but I'll dec anyway!

I know I have a liiiil delay with this post... but forgive please! I'm overwhelmed designing the new SAL :)
These wonderful fobs are very limited, I have only 3:

1 Practical Magic 
2 Ouija Board

Prices are under each picture. I don't sell these on Etsy, so please send me an email if you are interested:


18.00 euros (front/retro: ouija-owl)

18.00 euros (front/retro: ouija-owl)

18.00 euros

18.00 euros

martedì 21 ottobre 2014


Hello sister witchy stitchers... Do you follow me on FB? NO? This is not good.... It's going to begin a new adventure... Do you feel witchy? Do you feel weird? Do you feel the magic of Halloween in your veins? Well... this is the right place for you....

ON WEDNESDAY WE STITCH BLACK is a very very very particular SAL... We will stitch Halloween for a full year, but not for 12 months... no no... for 13 full moons!
On the first wednesday after the full moon of each month, in a dusty attic, with the light of a candle... They, the witches, stitch black............

HOW TO (please read carefully): To join this SAL you have to go on my Etsy and buy the subscription. You'll istantly download a PDF with all the dates of the releases of the 13 patterns and the link to download the 13 parts of the SAL.
The first pattern WILL BE AVAILABLE November 12 th, NOT BEFORE.

(the picture on the banner is only a Pinterest pic, it's not the pattern)

I'll refresh the link every wednesday after the full moon of each month, so you'll be able to download the pattern without waiting for my emails to come...

Remember to download the pattern and save it on your computer. In the case you’d forget to download the montly pattern do not hesitate and send me an email or an Etsy convo. You’ll NOT receive any advice or email, you just have to go at the written link and download the pattern. The link WILL NEVER CHANGE.
Every month you’ll download at the same link a new pattern, and the file will include also all the previous patterns. At The end of the SAL you’ll have a lil booklet.

If you'll join the SAL in future you'll receive ALL the previous patterns

These are the 13 dates:

November 12 th (2014)
December 10th (2014)

January 7th
February 4th
March 11th
April 8th (moon eclipse)
May 6th
June 3rd
July 8th
August 5th
September 2nd
September 30th
October 28th

For questions - dubts.... send me and email:

- ornaments
- one or two patterns divided in 2 parts


mercoledì 15 ottobre 2014


Buongiorno Amiche!!! Scrivo questo breve post per ricordarVi che sarò presente a Vicenza, ABILMENTE, ospite di Roberta de Marchi, PADIGLIONE 7 STAND 409. Al suo stand troverete tutti i miei schemi, non saranno tutti esposti, ma saranno tutti acquistabili e visionabili su catalogo, mentre le novità saranno esposte in parte. Troverete anche l'ormai amatissimo Old Salem Linen.
Io personalmente sarò in fiera giovedì e venerdì mattina. Perdonatemi se per quest'anno non ci sarò con il mio stand... ma non me la sento... E' stato un anno pesantissimo... Ci vedremo con il mio stand il prossimo anno :) Per quest'anno venitemi a trovare allo stand di Roberta :)))

Tutti i miei prodotti saranno allo stand di Roberta de Marchi sia alla Fiera di Vicenza, sia alla Fiera Abilmente di Roma, nuova edizione. GRAZIE

Vicenza 16 -19 ottobre
presso lo stand di Roberta de Marchi 

questa bellissima foto è stata scattata da una mia cliente a Formigine,
ma non ricordo più da chiiiii.... sapete che sono un disastro vivente...
Scuatemi!!!!! Contattatemi!!!!!

mercoledì 8 ottobre 2014


Hello my dear friends! Ok, I know... I told that my Halloween releases were finished... and it was true!!! But then I dyed some fabric and I did a mess... and a new color is now here!!! And it's perfect for Halloween! At the moment I have available only 5 cuts, but, if you will love it, I'll dye more and more :))) 
So: let me introduce you WITCH'S BREW.
This is a big cut, circa 60x60cm (23") 30 ct linen. The main color is a dark violet, but there are light glimpes and shades of green.... it's difficult to explain, but, belive me, I love it!

big cut 30 ct
on my ETSY

correct color

well... please not not consider the color in this pic...
I just loved the lil pumpkin LOL....

lunedì 22 settembre 2014


My dear friends, this is just a short post to tell you that I'll close my Etsy shop from september 24th to october 6th. If you wanna buy some patterns please do it now, so I'll be able to send you files in time. Thanks so much for all your appreciation, your words, your emails, your love :)))
And... HAPPY AUTUMN EQUINOX!!! May the balance of these days reign in your life and soul :)
Hear you in october!


Hello sweeties! I'm on a hurry, I'm late!!!! I forgot to post the Lammas freebie... and so... this time, I post TWO freebie in one!!!! Enjoy and HAPPY STIVTCHING!!!!!


Special thanks to Miss Betty for having stitched
and finished and took pictures, LOL !

giovedì 18 settembre 2014


.... and this is the end my friend! This is my last pattern for this 2014 Halloween! A friends of mine sent me a gift and I decided to re-create it in cross stitch. My PUMPKINS IN LOVE are a very special gift from my friend Brenda (she hasn't a blog unfortunately) and I can only say: THANKS SO MUCH BABE :)))) You are a great friend and a wonderful special woman! I hope you will love this adorable wicked couple :) Happy Halloween!

stitched on extra spotted Old Salem Linen
with DMC threads
available on my ETSY

Stitched by Miss Betty
Thanks sweety
<3 br="">

martedì 16 settembre 2014


Hello sister stitchers!!! I just came back from fom wonderful Formigine Market, I'm soooo pleased, I met so many friends and designers and I had so much fun! What an incredible week end! First of all let me tell you all I'm sorry if I had a couple of days of delays sending out pdf patterns, I emailed everything this morning, thanks so much for your patience!!!

Let me show you a couple of thing I presented during this wonderful market:

HALLOWEEN CUBES is a funny funny spooky pattern. it includes 9 different patterns, and with them you can create the word 'HALLOWEEN' and use all of them as pillows, cubes, ornaments....
Elisabetta stitched this pattern in few days and I can really say she is the faster stitcher I've ever met in my life, thanks so much sweetie! Love you!

available on my ETSY
or sending me an email:
This pattern has been stitched with 30 ct Old Salem linen
(2 standard cuts)
using 2 threads on 2, and with DMC only


AND NOW... This is my very first PUNCHNEEDLE PATTERN. I designed a witchy pouch for Halloween, it's a simple pattern and I hope you'll love it :) The PDF comes with detailed finishing instructions :)))
is available on my ETSY

For today this is all. In a couple of days I'll release another Halloween pattern.... It's already finished but I have to frame it and take pictures. Plus... a new Christmas one :) LOL. Have a nice week my friends!!! Luv u all and God / Goddess bless you all :)